Monday, August 21, 2006

33. The Graphic Imperative.

The Graphic Imperative is a collection of international poster designs for peace, social justice and the environment. Presented by the Massachusetts College of Art and Philadelphia University, this gallery really shows how powerful design can be when applied to some of the world's more pressing issues. There are 121 posters in all, dating between 1965 - 2005.


Blogger eg said...

I enjoyed browsing through these poster designs. I enjoyed a lot of the concepts and visuals that these artist came up with. I mostly enjoyed reading the statement for the literacy campaign with the child sitting on the television. The artist stated that they wanted to challenge themselves and design a poster conveying a strong message without using any words. I thought that this was very interesting. It seems as though a lot of ideas would be stronger if they were able to be conveyed with imagery and without using any words at all. It struck my curiosity, and I thought to myself that putting restrictions on how you concept can be extremely helpful and can bring about stronger and more creative ideas. Anyways, thanks for the link, I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot...and isn't that the point?

8/26/2006 02:32:00 PM  

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