Tuesday, October 31, 2006

53. Ad of the Week.

I should have started this long ago - as I have hundreds upon hundreds of the best ads I've seen in a huge digital archive on my desktop – but here is my favorite ad campaign I've stumbled across over the last week. A fellow AdCenter alumn, Steve McElligott wrote the campaign at BBDO/NY for the BBC World News. As an aside: BBDO is benefiting from Eric Silver being the Executive Creative Director in my humble opinion and this is just one example – but what do I know?

Why it works: I love the solution because the typography isn't simply a decoration for the message - it's actually the message. They managed to convey complex ideas using no imagery, but also a strategic differentiation that the BBC is presenting only the facts and that they prefer the viewer interpret those facts how they choose. And this is all done with just a few elegantly placed, and carefully chosen words. Greatness, I tell you. (I'll be bringing this feature – focusing primarily on print – on a weekly basis just like the links of the week. Which I have neglected this week. !+#$%@!*)


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