Monday, November 06, 2006

54. Monday Links.

Boy, I'm excited for the coming week as it's going to be a good one for the ol' Graphicology blog. Just wait, come back every day and I'll make it worth your while. But to tide you over until tomorrow, here's our usual grab bag of interesting links. Our crack team of surfers scour the internet 24/7 so you can more efficiently waste your time.

1. The Internets 2. An Amazing Notebook 3. Building Letters 3 4. Crazy Bug Photos 5. Vote. Then Shoot. 6. I need one of these (Now, see it in Japanese.) 7. Miss Halloween Already? 8. South African Condom Ad 9. Charts and Graphs. 10. Apollo Visuals 11. Get The Scoop on Poop 12. HIFI Literature 13. Playing Card Art 14. Cigarette Pack Art 15. Vintage Wallpaper Gallery 16. Blog of the Week: What's in Your Bag?


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