Friday, January 19, 2007

74. Ad of the Week + Pentagram Calendar.

I like it when I see a company doing something daring and dramatic with their advertising. Saatchi and Saatchi has produced some great print for Tide promoting the use of cool water detergents and the subsequent energy-savings. Done mostly with computer generated art from Saddington & Baynes, the print drives home the strategy in city-specific executions. I think it would be even more outstanding as an outdoor placement on the wall of a building or something, but not bad at all.

Also, I ordered the 2007 Classic Typography Calendar from Pentagram and Ken Knight yesterday morning online. It was delivered right after lunch the same day! Apparently their offices are close to Grant, Scott & Hurley - and they decided to waive the shipping charges and bring one over. That ladies and gents, is customer service. (They have great portfolios if you are looking...)


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