Monday, July 02, 2007

107. The New Graphicology

Hello friends. After lots of planning and weeks of trying to manipulate CSS (not to mention paying $1500 for the url) - I have managed to switch the graphicology blog to a new location: This change also comes with big plans for new proprietary content, a small group of content authors of like minded designers, art directors and film pros from around the country (currently being assembled) in addition to a more professional approach to covering all things design. The transition will take some time and I ask for not only your patience, but also your constructive criticism. Please check out the new site where you can still find all the now 'old' posts as well as a few holes that will soon be populated with new articles, opinions, forums and editorials. Go ahead and tell your friends and remember to bookmark the new site or RSS feed. I (soon to be We) hope that the new graphicology will be one of your favorite links to stay current and inspired. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

(If you know of anyone whom you believe would add a little something special to our team of authors - please tell them to contact me via the new site.)