Wednesday, February 28, 2007

83. Garamond vs. Garamond.

A delicious rundown off the most popular versions of my favorite typefaces: Garamond. Even though in French, you can still get the gist based on the comparison graphics. This is just fantastic.

82. Send the Poolboys to the Mansion.

I know three young gentlemen that have a dream. They are currently trying to get people to write letters of recommendations for their future aquatic employment at the, um, Playboy Mansion. That's right, they aspire to be Poolboys at the Mansion. Their dream is organized and gaining momentum. Visit this link and show your support by writing a letter of recommendation. (Otherwise, they'll have to try to get real jobs.) OH and one more thing, after writing your letter, call in (1-877-205-9796) on Sirius Playboy Channel (198) at 6am PST on March 19th to say nice things and learn more. Crazy kids - this might just work.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

81. The Bottom Rung – Chapter 1.

It's about time - I know - but I finally finished the first chapter in The Bottom Rung series. Chapter 1 (again, in no particular order) focuses on taking pride in the little projects that new creatives often are assigned. In the future I will be getting content, viewpoints and examples from higher profile talent from around the country. But for this chapter, you're stuck with a few of my own. I hope this series will be of help to those starting out in this crazy industry of ours.

Here's the introduction that was posted awhile back to get you up to speed. Soon, I'll add each chapter somewhere on the right panel for easier access. Also, I would gladly accept user submissions for future chapters as well as more examples of work that fit each subject. So drop a line. Thanks and good luck.

Monday, February 19, 2007

80. Designing Type by Karen Cheng.

So, I've been working on a personal typography project - a hearty, sans serif face for personal use - and discovered Designing Type by Karen Cheng. This book is a great reference for such an undertaking, going through an alphabet character by character while focusing on balancing the optical issues of shape, form and consistency within a typeface. Here are a few preview pics (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5) via youworkforthem.

Friday, February 16, 2007

79. Title Sequence Design.

I've been traveling this week (from here to Denver and back) and haven't had a chance to post some of the bigger things in the works. (An online design resource guide and the first real content for The Bottom Rung series for two examples.) But I do want to share this link to a website called, Forget the Film, Watch the Titles. You can view some of the better title sequence designs out there, which often are far more entertaining and creative than the films themselves. (Thanks for sharing, Matt.) Though just getting started, they do have a personal favorite from the film, Thank You for Smoking, which I blogged about a while back.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

78. The Art of Presenting - Nigel Holmes.

I'm quite happy and humbled to announce Nigel Holmes' contribution to our presentation series. Breaking with our advertising focus, this is an opportunity to get a graphic designer's perspective on the subject, and not just any designer either. Nigel is a legend. He worked as Graphics Director at TIME Magazine before becoming a freelance designer, lecturer and the author of many brilliant books on information and explanatory graphics. (One of them, Wordless Diagrams is on our mandatory reading list.) His perspective on presenting covers the creative presentation of his designs to clients as well as presentations in front of a larger audience. I always say this, but it's no less true this time: We are lucky to have his insight on the subject.

You can see more of Nigel's work on his website and on the UnderStAnding site (my favorite.) You can also listen to a related interview with him via NPR or just enter his name on your favorite search engine and you'll find a ton of his work.

Monday, February 05, 2007

77. Adult Swim Guerilla Campaign.

I'm sure you've heard about this adult swim 'campaign' by now, but our intrepid intern here at Grant, Scott & Hurley acquired one of these puppies a few days before all the hoopla hit the fan and I thought I would share. These pics (main. back. detail. lit.) might show how ridiculous the scare was – or how ridiculous advertising can be, depending on your perspective. (Personally, I wasn't sure if this little guy was giving me the finger or threatening me with a syringe.)

Also, check out these pics (one. two. three.) I took of the Queen Mary 2 as she sits in Pier 27 during my ferry ride to work. (Apologies for the low-quality shots.) Here's a professional photo taken by a SF Chronicle photographer that better shows the size of the ship.