Monday, December 11, 2006

65. The Art of Presenting 5 - Sally Hogshead.

Christmas, for me at least, will be celebrated on December 11th every year from now on – because today is the day I posted Sally Hogshead's responses to our questions on presenting. Sally is an advertising legend, the author of Radical Careering (one of the mandatory reads to your lower right,) and perhaps one of the most inspiring people you can ever meet. She has a great site. A great blog. And the aforementioned great book. We're very lucky that she took time out to share her thoughts on the subject. Enjoy.

Friday, December 08, 2006

64. Good Magazine.

While I am still getting ready to post a new Art of Presentation entry (Sally Hogshead's, yay!) and finish up a few chapters of the Bottom Rung series, I wanted to post about GOOD magazine. It's a publication that is donating all of its proceeds to charity and in their words represents the merger of idealism and capitalism. Their content is well designed sure, but more importantly it looks like they will cover some issues important to all graphic designers, let alone most citizens. Be sure to check out what WK12 did for what will be an invitation every issue for a designer or group to represent the theme for that issue. Watch it here. Jelly Helm (featured in the video) was my professor at the AdCenter and is running the ad school (or is it an ad school?) at Wieden & Kennedy's headquarters in Portland. Now, a reread of Jelly's 2000 article about saving advertising is in order. As usual, it's not just design that we designers must consider.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

63. Ad of the Week.

Our ad of the week comes from our friends up north at ReThink in Vancouver. (Yes, when referring to Canadians, it's required to say 'our friends' even if you don't really have any Canadian friends.) It's an ingenious idea for Orkin Pest Control that got a lot of attention on city streets. I do think the trend towards ambient advertising has become a little predictable lately - but this one makes sense since the little cards clearly show just how many bugs are crawling around the perimeter of our buildings. Eeek.

And just to keep your souls in balance during the holidays, check out this brochure from The New American Dream organization about parenting in a commercial culture. (I believe that you have to sign up. It's free and painless.)